Standards and technical details

Our customers should receive only the best. Thatís why we pay a great attention to the image prepress quality, selection of paper and quality control.

We print our cards by standard lineature of 175 lpi. Depending on the nature and quality of the image we can even print our postcards up to 230 lpi. Such printing lets a halftone dot become invisible, and the quality of small details reproduction increases significantly.


To print our postcards we usually use special sorts of carton that other publishers cannot afford. Our target is to ensure the completeness of pleasant visual and tactile sensations. No need to be an expert to understand: Lucky Press postcards are the products of the highest quality.

We use no varnishes or laminating films for postcards finishing, we prefer natural surfaces.

All the cartons are ecologically clean, donít contain any chlorine bleaches and are certified by FSC.

postcard cardboard

Type A. Luxury carton of 300 gsm density with light double-sided structure. Color ó Ivory. Contains natural cotton and pure cellulose.

postcard cardboard

Type B. Refined/elegant carton of 300 gsm density with light double-sided structure. Color ó Natural White. Made of 100% cellulose.

postcard cardboard

Type C. Ultra White carton of 340 gsm density with a smooth silky surface. Made of 100% cellulose.

Proportions and postal standards

Each country has its own special requirements for postcards, which may vary from country to country. We take into account these requirements and try to follow them as precisely as possible.

Lucky Press publishes postcards both in metric sizes and inch. We also publish classic one-sided postcards as well as folding cards, which are meant to be delivered only in envelopes. In any case, the size of postcards and all the details concerning the appearance are the subject for prior negotiations.