Good Deeds

Good Deeds

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There are so many lonely people in the world. Not those, who have no relatives, but those who are lonely inside their heart, those who feel lack of attention or those who have cats scratching at their souls. For various reasons, or maybe because of the unwillingness to show their own weakness to people around, they donít want or canít admit the fact of being lonely.

In todayís world of cell phones and computer networks people feel a keen shortage of normal human attention and kindness.

The problem of loneliness and social isolation

Recent scientistsí researches demonstrate that the problem of loneliness and social isolation of people grows into an epidemic, becomes even more dangerous than obesity and presents a high risk to life.

Scientists also believe that there is a tight connection between loneliness and risk of mortality. And such a risk among young people is higher than among the elderly. We really feel worried about it.

Lucky Post ó a project that helps people not to be lonely, but become happier.

Postal Encyclopedia

We are interested in such facts as: what place the hand-written letter takes in the life of modern people; the way, people use postcards in their everyday activities; the way, post offices work in different countries; and what kind of writing accessories famous people use for hand-writing.

All the interesting information we plan to publish as a free electronic encyclopedia, which will be available to everyone on the Internet.

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