Our interests

This is just a short list of what we are interested in. Do not hesitate to write to us or offer anything to discuss. On the contact page you will find various ways to contact us.

The problem of loneliness and social isolation of people

The availability of means of communication and other tools for communication (in particular, social networks), as it turns out, do not make people closer. Lots of people are socially isolated and feel lonely.

They do not have anyone to talk to in a frankly way. The surrounding world forces to live in a “shell”. For the majority of people loneliness becomes unbearable and, according to scientists researches, shortens a lifetime and increases the number of suicides. It is particularly affects on teenagers and youngsters.

What can we do to make people become a little bit happier? Let's talk about it together.

Ship-mail, Polar-mail

Some ships, cruise ships and polar stations have their own small post offices and mailboxes. The passengers have the opportunity to send a letter directly from the ship, and polar explorers can do it from the station. We are interested to know more about it. Share your knowledge with us.

How does the post office work. Postal history.

Tell us how the postal service works in your country, and how it works in other countries. We are interested in everything: beginning from the post news and ending with the images of mailboxes, post offices and their interior view. We are waiting for the photos and interesting stories from you.

Hard-to-reach places and abandoned settlements.

There are some places in the world, where very few people (several dozen) live and they are cut off from civilization. However, they may have post offices, or mail can be delivered there. Do you know such places? How do people write to these places? We will be grateful for any information or clue.

Cards in the life of companies and famous people.

We are interested, how companies use the cards in their work, what do these cards look like? What place do cards take in the life in famous people? Advise us whom we can write to and take an interview? Who will you be interested in?

The handwriting. Calligraphy.

You may probably know that in some countries the ability to write by hand is no longer a mandatory skill. And what do you think about the energy of handwriting and images, their influence on the development of personality and creativity. We are sure you have something to say. Don’t hesitate to write to us.