The Little Prince

Watercolor, cotton paper.

Some ideas and tips

Postcards — this is not just a unique means of communication, but also a great tool for the positioning of the company and creation of a favorable image. And that’s exactly postcards, with the help of which you can change the attitude of others to yourselves and to demonstrate how good your taste is.

If you want to effectively use the postcards, you do not need to turn them into a plain advertising medium. Otherwise, you risk making a hidden mockery instead of a positive result.

Be attentive to people, think about their needs. Postcard — is firstly a means of communication, and only secondarily — it is a sales tool.

While selecting images for postcards you should demonstrate your good taste. Usage of stereotyped images from photo banks will not add any value to your card. The artistic value of the postcard along with a good taste and a small portion of conservatism must become something that differs your company from third-rate firms.

Some tips to use the cards in business

You can use the postcard for a different kind of communication both within the company and beyond.

  • Congratulate your employees on the holidays, joyful events or just happy birthdays.
  • You can easily invent various reasons to send postcards to your business partners.
  • After each deal or purchase you can use a postcard to send your words of gratitude and appreciation to their customers.

For instance, hotels, airports, airlines, cruise ships, cafes and restaurants can have their own branded cards and mailboxes to let any person send such branded card in memory of staying in this place.

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