Blind People

Ink, watercolor, cotton paper.

Postcards for blind people

According to WHO (World Health Organization), there are 37 million blind people and 125 million people with very poor eyesight in the world today. Every 5 seconds one adult person on our planet goes blind, and every minute one child loses sight.

These people are next to us. We do not always notice them in the vanity of modern life. They are invisible, but they are all around us, with their joys and sorrows. They cant write letters by hand, enjoy the beauty of handwriting or ink color.

They see the world some different way. They see it by hands.

There is not even a single postcard for blind and poor-sighted people in the world. We think that is a great injustice. And we want to publish special cards.

These cards wont be for sale. They will be completely free of charge. Anyone can send a postcard from our website to a poor-sighted friend.

Do a Good Deed

Lucky Press publishes unique postcards with reproductions of blind artists paintings. All profits of the sale are directed to issue cards for blind people.

You can buy postcards with reproductions of blind artists paintings in our Lucky Press online-store.

Eugenia's Holidays postcard with art reproduction of work of Dmitry Didorenko, blind artist.

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