The Little Prince

The Little Prince. Ink, colored pencils, cotton paper.

Publisher of the luckiest postcards in the world

Lucky Press publisher of art, postal and greeting cards, each of which is a piece of art.

We publish postcards with author's illustrations (graphics, watercolor, caricature) and reproductions of world masterpieces of painting and graphic art.

Our art cards and postcards are printed on special sorts of cardboard. When it comes to quality, we dont meet halfway, we are perfectionists. We believe that our customers should receive the best only.

Postcards make people more happy, and business more effective

Besides standard series of postcards for the general public, we design and publish art postcards for business. For more information on our services for business follow this link, please.

Magic of Lucky Press postcards

Our postcards bring joy. They bring happiness, warm heart, good energy, positive emotions and long pleasant memories all the things that cant be bought at any price.

Such postcards are cherished for years and respectfully inherited.